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Locandina dell’evento Battiti dal bosco delle querce, 7 (Archivio Bosco delle Querce)
Locandina dell’evento Battiti dal bosco delle querce, 7 (Archivio Bosco delle Querce)

Summer has arrived (also) for Bosco delle Querce/Oak Wood of Seveso and Meda, and for seven Sundays from 21 June to 2nd August, the beauty of the park can be enjoyed through the exposition “Battiti dal Bosco delle Querce”, consisting of seven musical setups, fables and games organized by the Seveso Musicamorfosi Association.

Oak Wood is the centre for a mixed cultural journey, with initiatives for children and families, also set in other prestigious, historical and naturalistic places.
The “Battiti” proposals for July are an integral part of this project in the framework of the Suoni Mobili exposition, that will spread its initiatives for kids in the localities of Oak Wood and Villa Mirabello (in the Park of Monza).
Three “sections” of the exposition were created for children, so as to experience the park through imagination, in the light of the magic formula Play + Music making, transforming the Oak Wood into an area for games, creativity and education:
– The place of fables for singers-children;
– Musical workshop to learn and play with music;
– Play! for kids, a portable game platform that is unique in Italy and adopted by UNICEF to allow children in zones of conflict to play.

The calendar of the next events:
19 July: Gianbabbeo Mariangela Martino and Roberto Zanisi + 2 Musical workshops combined with the PLAY game platform
26 July: PLAY! + An upbeat and downbeat Heart with Gino Carravieri
02 August: PLAY! + Stop those bongos with Tetè Da Silveira

All the initiatives are free of charge and will be accompanied by knowledge and valorization tours in the discovery of the park from the naturalistic and historical perspective, curated by the circle of Legambiente Seveso.
The shows will start at 17.00. The Play! Event is suitable for children from 6 months to 12 years and open from 15.30 – 19.00 on the days indicated.

Meeting point is at the park visiting centre at Ada Negri St. in Seveso, from 17.00 onwards for the shows and from 15.30 on days scheduled for PLAY!

In case of rain the events will be held indoors at the Centro Visite, but it would be advisable to call for confirmation.

The entire programme
facebook: Bosco delle Querce of Seveso and Meda and July events on
Telephone 0362 517291 o 331 4519922