The Light blue Bedroom and the Yellow Bedroom

The Room with blue bed and Room with yellow bed originally comprised a harmonic and sole room called “the Room of Mottos.” It assumed a dual name following the 18th-century renovation works that brought about the addition of a partition wall, lowering of the ceiling and lining with a layer of pale hues.

The recent restoration works done in the so-called new Halls, contributed to the partial restoration of this wing of the mansion to its original aspect, allowing for a possibly partial recovery of the wall fresco decorations. These items, no matter how defective, show architectonic recesses of false marble with elegant floral cornices alternated with pillars with square capitals.
Besides the walls, the anonymous artist painted important theatre masks, garlands and stems of the Arese family.
In the upper part of the hall, what remains of a protruding shell-shaped cornice shows a series of scrolls containing mottos that are sadly illegible today. Two bigger scrolls are moreover present at the center of two minor walls, surrounded by very richly profiled cornices, adorned with plant garlands. The theme of these inscriptions is love and may thus be given dual interpretations. In fact, they could signify a generic tribute to the Italian literary works, probably connected to the education and studies undertaken in those years by the young Giulio II Arese or the transformation of these rooms into a library. It could also be a posthumous tribute to the boy who died in 1665.