Villa Dho

Its position at a scenic point on top of the plain is not only for aesthetic reasons but also due to the fact it was built near the owner’s furnace plant, close to the Giovi state highway, which was at the time Seveso’s main business. The villa follows a linear block plan over two floors and looks like a fortification on the edge of the plain.

The main facade, painted the traditional ‘Lombard yellow’ colour, is however clearly late neoclassical. It has three sets of French windows which open onto the park. The central, eclectic-style panoramic tower is finished with a simple wrought-iron balustrade.
There is a rare example of a well on the hilly plain in Villa Dho, which is 50 metres deep and, although dry today, once fed many communities and vast sunny vineyards.
The enormous park spreads south of Villa Dho and is characterised by a central clearing, surrounded by woodland, which acts as curved green wings. To the south, where the woodland closes the site, an ancient blind for hunting is preserved, characterised by avenues of white hornbeam trees.