Aerial view of Villa Cusani Tittoni Traversi

“As a perceptual experience, the human eye has always given a dynamic relationship between subject and object. The eye and the senses are, in fact, the origin of the interpretation of reality external to man; every time, it gives him the ability to capture, not only the material physicality of contexts and building volumes, but also the historicity and the experience that qualify them.”

With these words the teacher Maria Antonietta Crippa in 2008 stressed the importance of the vision of the area from perspectives other than the usual and the value of experiencing architecture and a city from above. Sharing this axiom, the System of Aristocratic Villas and the Institute of Art History of Lombardy (ISAL) commissioned a photographic campaign by helicopter where the Photo BAMF studio was able to seize the telling signs of the phenomenological process of the transformation of the architectural complex of Villa Cusani Tittoni Traversi in the process of synthesis and interpretation of its reality. A process that analyzes the utilization and transformation of the territory that took place in the 19th century and the rapport the villa has historically established with the urban territory.
This series of images, full of strong emotional impact, are also a pleasant visual experience, capable of generating surprise at the unusual vantage point, usually far removed from the daily grind. Observing, even only through these photographs, the Desio territory and its most significant aristocratic residence from above, is an experience that stimulates the intellect and helps to acquire an unencumbered reflection without the physical constraints of residing and walking within in its urban mesh.
Taking photographs from a helicopter, with its specific spiral flight technique, differs from zenith photographs taken from an airplane because of its ability to make the building’s three-dimensionality immediately perceptible in the relationship between fullness and emptiness, between free and occupied areas and between natural plant elements and tree species expertly shaped by human hands.
Through these pictures of Villa Cusani Tittoni Traversi you can therefore detect the flow of its internal road to the park and the links among the buildings once pertaining to the noble mansion, now physically and legally separated from the noble Villa.