Hall of the Columns

The hall of columns ends the succession of halls on the ground floor of the western wing of the villa. The salon, also called the Neo-classic or Empire hall due to the monumental inspiration of its classical decorative system, lost most of its original aspects after the fire of 7 November 1993, which caused the collapse of the vault and floors, destroying in particular, the magnificent paneled ceiling. Still today one can still admire the flooring in compacted Venetian resin and the stucco circles portraying cupids playing billiard and cards on the ceiling.

The wooden doors are enriched with decorations in gold, repeating the elegant and smooth architrave door tops.
The hall looks out over the park and terrace, and is divided into two zones with two central giant columns equipped with ionic capitals, flanked by two lateral pilasters with grooves and identical ionic capitals, embellished by golden paint. On the ceiling, the white and aquamarine wooden panels were reconstructed with decorations of leaves and golden flowers.
On the walls of the hall an elegant fireplace juts out and was also restored after the fire.
In the Villa, the numerous fireplaces had a decorative function rather than that of responding to practical needs and demands, since the entire house availed of a sophisticated, centralized, heating system with hot air. Today, the hall, because of its elegance and dimensions, is used for events, conventions, conferences and civil wedding rites.