Temporary Exhibition

The entrance foyer of the main floor is now dedicated to temporary exhibitions and in this particular period, the works of Renzo Calzavara and Fiorenza Valenti are being exhibited.

In his artistic research, Renzo Calzavara the boundary between nature and the abstract becomes increasingly subtle. The artist in fact likes to synthesize concrete elements transforming the figure into lines that become elements of signs and finally a symbol. The landscapes of Renzo Calzavara are, therefore, transfigured into their most elementary shapes: the gondolas and the lines of the horizon turn into geometric symbols. As a stylistic code, this encloses and summarizes decades of research and reveals the existence of an inner world of suggestions, questions and answers, and in their succession lead to the sense and the nonsense of things, so that critics, referring to this work, speak of mysticism of the unreal and metaphysics of routine.
The works by Fiorenza Valenti, however, tend towards the abstraction of shapes, expressionism of colours and incisiveness of a clear-cut sign, able to suggest a composition matrix, which is still figurative but slowly turns into an increasingly abstract expressiveness.
The chromatic harmony outlines forms, volumes, and consistencies, while colour contrasts create vibrant and energetic movements. The energy that flows in the composition of Fiorenza Valenti is magnetic and vital.
For her, the subject that inspires the artist to create becomes the pretext for an aesthetic pleasure that feeds on suggestions and references captured along with evocations oriented towards a pantheistic spirituality.