Exterior Frescoes of the Chapel

Particolare della facciata della Cappella e dell’affresco dipinto nella lunetta d’ingresso (Fototeca ISAL)
Detail of the chapel façade and the fresco painted on the entrance lunette (ISAL-BAMS Photo archives, photograph by Rodella)


The exterior decorations of the chapel of the Assumption of Saint Mary and St. Francis of Assisi, still visible today, are limited in quantity. On the front section, they are limited to two frescoes, both restored in the 1920s.

In the “circular opening” of the central portal is a representation of the Franciscan coat of arms made up of two crossed arms with a cross in its intersection. Above, between two windows with a balcony, there is a fresco depicting the Glory of Saint Francis, and a little higher up, one can see a timeworn caption with the words “D.O.M – Divo Francisco – Dicatum“.
The right side of the chapel, which was once the only one visible, is characterized by a deliberate simplicity in contrast to the lively composition of the façade. The only decorative element of this side is the portal with rococo decorations topped by a relief inserted in the “circular opening.” This depicts St. Francis receiving the Stigmata, which is unfortunately, rather damaged and in need of restoration.
The entire decorative cycle of the exterior refers to the celebration of St. Francis of Assisi to whom the oratory is dedicated and was done in the 20th century by a patient hospitalized in the former provincial psychiatric hospital.