Analysis of the Former Psychiatric Hospital: the Current Situation

Most of the structures of the old psychiatric hospital today are in a dreadful condition. Vandalism, in fact, has devastated most of the pavilions which were also affected by a generalized devastation of all the objects that can still be found there (beds, cabinets, tables, windows, plumbing, etc.) and the removal of building and machinery materials.


There is widespread theft of electrical cables from the walls for the recovery of copper, and the removal of mechanical parts and components of the lifts, endangering those who venture inside the pavilions where the doors of freight elevators are missing or opened even when the lift is no longer present, the complete or partial elimination of disposal apparatus for the recycling of rain water used for the recycling of metal, and theft of the parapets of the stairs which are sold as scrap iron. In some buildings, even the tiles of the floors have been removed.
The presence of materials detrimental to the health (e.g. the presence of asbestos and Eternit) may be present in many of the rooms and pose absolutely dangerous environmental situations for people’s health, because of the numerous fires set intentionally within the premises. Mixed types of filth as well as animal and human excrement that have accumulated in the centre or in the corners of rooms, are some of the main characteristics of these rooms which were widely used by writers to leave drawings and writings on the walls. Among the buildings which were particularly affected by this American art form is the four-story building of the old laundry area, which is now completely emptied of its parapets and other security elements that were removed to sell the metal. This building can be accessed ”comfortably” since there are no entrance frames; there is a large room with stairs that lead to the four floors, which are devoid of any protective element.
Some areas of the garden are used as a dumping ground while others are used for ”role playing games” in utter disregard of the danger it poses for personal safety, as recent events in the news have unfortunately documented.
Partial collapse of the roofs has already occurred in a number of pavilions, while water infiltration and percolation of rainwater inside the buildings are absolutely the norm.
This bleak degradation has fortunately not affected all the halls of the old glory of the Limbiate psychiatric hospital, because the Provinces of Monza and Brianza, the agrarian institute and volunteers, carry out many institutional activities in the facility.
The process of degradation of the halls of Mombello has certainly worsened in the last two or three years and this alarming phenomenon has also been confirmed in the simple comparison of the current situation with the photographs taken in recent survey campaigns.
The situation is not better for the underground which youngsters entered without considering the real danger.
Although there is evidence of the periodic attempts by the Hospital of Garbagnate to surround the halls with worksite centring and prevent access to the halls of the former mental hospital, the situation of degradation is shocking, especially considering that some facilities are used as makeshift shelters by young and homeless individuals, who sometimes use them as true private homes.