Staircase of Honour

Particolare dello Scalone d’onore (Fototeca ISAL-BAMS Photo Rodella)
Detail of the main staircase (ISAL-BAMS Photo Archive, photograph by Rodella)

The main staircase was built at the northeast end of the building, within the context of the owner’s extension and renovation works on the old villa when the noble complex passed from the Arconati family to the Crivelli family.

It was designed it as a large area with a “U-shaped” floor plan that, if not strictly functional, certainly appeared to respond to the formal and dramatic requests of the client.
The same choice of durable materials and the construction of a balustrade continued with a richly carved, late rococo style which seems to correspond more to an adherence to stylistic dictates rather than attempt to experiment with other innovative solutions. The same balustrade is not a unique example of excellent quality, but rather, the repetitive solution already tested in other country residences of Brianza.
A slightly protruding band of stucco marks the imposing vault, characterized by a graceful central mixtilinear decoration also in stucco and a heavily geometrized octave.
Already enriched by the presence of angular decorative elements, the balustrade today also shows some lighting features for the staircase itself.