Aerial view of Villa Arconati

In 2015, as part of the work related to the enhancement of the artistic and architectural heritage of the aristocratic villas, the Institute of Art History of Lombardy (ISAL) commissioned to the famous BAMS Photo Rodella studio, a campaign of photographic surveys by helicopter.

Through the process of synthesis and interpretation of reality subjected to similar activities the figurative heritage of the villa now has a renewed series of images that are able to describe the signs of the phenomenological process of transformation of the architectural complex of Villa Arconati and its relationship with the natural and man-made environments that surround it. This new series of images also offers the opportunity to observe the dynamics of the internal road to the park, and to perceive the visual-optical cones used to communicate the skilful architecture of this sumptuous residence with the different sections of the park and its appurtenances so as to fully grasp the perspective axis on which the noble villa was founded. This series of images, rich in narrative pathos, is also a pleasant visual experience for the viewer, called to see the villa from an unusual vantage point, which on average does not happen every day. By carefully looking at the area surrounding Villa Arconati from above, these photographs stimulate the intellect and help reflect on some relational dynamics between the villa and the site on which EXPO 2015 in Milan was organized. This can be done unencumbered by physical constraints of locating and walking in an urban context,.
Taking photos on a helicopter with its technical specification of spiral flights, makes one fully enjoy the three-dimensional architectural elements that make up the Villa Arconati in the relationship between solid and void, between free areas and occupied land and between natural plant elements and tree species wisely moulded by the skilful hands of man through the art of topiary.