Small Gilded Study

The last rooms of the south wing of the villa are a small sitting room and a small study. In the first room, whose decorated wall is not in perfect condition, one can still perceive its painted motifs, which is like a red ribbon that traces the outline of the rectangular frame of the walls.

Noteworthy is undoubtedly the ceiling, where gilded stucco reliefs greet cherubs holding various objects, including a hammer, a bow and some musical instruments. The candour of little angels stands on the soft pink ceiling, painted with a light arabesque motif and repeated spirals that is almost intangible on the entire surface. At the centre is a large golden oval frame, with naturalistic motifs. The small study is also of great interest with its decorated walls, which are very damaged. At the centre of the ceiling is an oval medallion with sinuous lines framing a classic scene, that is, a carriage in the sky drawn by two running horses, carrying a female figure holding a big cornucopia in her right arm from which flowers and other plants stick out. The scene is enhanced by the presence of two little angels grasping the cornucopia and scattering floral racemes. The cornucopia, flowers, and some decorative details of the composition, such as the reins, the carriage and floral wreath that adorns the face of the female figure and her sandals, contain gold elements, which make them stand out against the white background of the scene.
The lower part of the ceiling, just above the border, which divides it with the walls, is occupied by openings with swirls and small leaves, which enclose four landscaped scenes. Within these openings are perspective Roman arches, colonnades and temple ruins are painted marked by the presence of wild vegetation.