Zodiac Hall

The hall named after the Zodiac is a room embellished with rococo decorations. The walls are adorned with a blue tapestry where the decor motifs are of geometric and plant shapes, enclosed within vertical strips.

The doors have relief decorations recalling the tapestry motifs while the upper part of the entrances are dominated by big medallions with spiral cornices, made in stucco with scenes set in an ancient past with a historical and mythological atmosphere, such as dancing nymphs. Just above the medallions the grand ceiling decor start and in the first part, include round medallions with three- dimensional cupids: these figures, painted in couples and portrayed in playful attitudes, stick out from the wall, half their height emerges like thin reliefs, to then continue onwards to almost entirely occupy the lower part, with their legs dangling to touch the blue walls. Besides these small scenes, the ceiling is decorated with an abstract motif, also like a weft of light circles that are repeated along the entire surface to then reach the grand central medallion. Inside a big relief cornice with golden edges, four elongated forms enclose a perspective space in which a perspective “eye” of a small dome gives the illusion of breaking through the ceiling. The dome body is composed of four segments, each containing an oval window.