Room with painted architecture and flower vases

The small room called Room with painted architecture and flower vases presents different and partially repetitive decorative modes, and maintains the same setting as the rooms and venues nearby.

Compared to these, this room is characterised by simpler paintings that led to the assumption that the room was used only as a passage and that the intent was to give a more austere aspect in the decorations to awe the guests and visitors with the splendor of the adjoining rooms.
The decorative layout of this room, therefore, had to prepare in some way, the noble public passing through this wing of the mansion in order to enter the lavish rooms. Thus the pre-chamber could not be too visually striking.
Here the renowned Mariani masters of architectural illusions once again divided the walls of the room into recesses with vast decorative scrolls and niches adorned with vases of flowers, alternated with ionic pilasters with anthropomorphous capitals. The central decorative strip lies on a high skirting frame and is surmounted by a frieze with metopes, festoons, scrolls and big masks on ample sheets.