The Camunian Rose Park

The “Camunian Rose Park” is a natural park of around 50,000 square metres. It sits at the crossroads of the Villoresi Canal and the Lura River, at the entrance to Lainate in the area north of the ex-Alfa Romeo factory. It is characterised by a lake in the shape of a Camunian rose.

The secondary ‘Passirana’ canal, which became a guideline for the project, crosses the redeveloped area from north to south. A 5,000 square metre wetland area was created in alignment with the canal, which is surrounded by woods, fields and tree-lined edges.
It was opened in 2012 and realised by the Lura Park Consortium with the help of the Region of Lombardy, the Province of Milan, the East Ticino Villoresi Consortium and obviously the Municipality of Lainate. The aim of the project is to create a green lung, an important element of the Regional Ecological Network, the Green Ridge of Northern Milan and the Villoresi Canal, as an oasis of biodiversity, which allows the presence and population of amphibians through specific repopulation programmes.