The rooms of Villa Cusani Tittoni Traversi in Desio are completed by the basement, divided into different functional areas and originally used as a pantry, cellar, boiler room, and laundry and service areas. Today the rooms have lost their original functions and are used as warehouses, archives and space for a modern heating system.

In some of these areas, however, the facility built by Giuseppe Piermarini in the 18th century can still be seen. Most evident in all the rooms is the building technique in regular brick, arranged in a herringbone pattern in the central part of the ceiling where the two walls meet and make up the low-barrel, vaulted ceilings and groined on the sides. The rooms, once lit by small opened windows on the longer sides, are replaced by an electrical lighting system. One room was used as a laundry room, as you can still sense by the presence of a low, stone washhouse, while the room that has maintained the original structure is the pantry: a small room characterized by the four-levelled arrangement of several gneiss shelves with stone supports along the walls. It would require a restoration work to preserve these rooms from local infiltration of moisture and restore their attractive appearance and the atmosphere of an ancient basement of the Villa.