Upper floor of the Villa

The first floor of the villa is accessed through an imposing neoclassical staircase, built in 1903 by Luca Beltrami to replace the smaller staircase of a previous era. This assumption is based on the presence of windows that today are virtually impossible to open because of their extremely high position, and which portend the existence of a floor that is now destroyed.

The upper floor was used for the bedrooms and for the bridal chamber, rooms that were unfortunately completely destroyed by a fire in 1993. Of the bedrooms, however, only parts of the wonderful ceiling fresco of the architectural frames remain.
The rooms on the first floor retain only part of the original decorations, but their appearance must have been very pleasant and well-finished in the 17th to the 19th centuries, if in 1789 Arthur Young, British Minister of Agriculture in the Pitt government, described the home as composed of 13 bedrooms, each with room for servants and a toilette, with an air of comfort and cleanliness that could be compared only with the British aristocratic homes.
Restored in the 1980s and 1990s, the rooms of the upper floor are now used as exhibition rooms for the collection of the sculptor, Giuseppe Scalvini, and temporary exhibitions.
The visitor can, however, still enjoy some amazing ceilings decorated with chiaroscuro and several valuable and elegant glass chandeliers.