Analysis of the former Psychiatric Hospital: extensions planned by Dr. Gonzales

Under the direction of Dr. Gonzales, a general technological renovation of the whole structure was achieved with the building of a slaughterhouse, a bakery, a pasta factory, a steam laundry and central heating.


All the pavilions were also provided with electricity and drinking water. In 1882, a pavilion for the care of children was created by recovering an existing building already intended for the treatment of epileptic and paralytic people. In 1894 the number of patients admitted made the situation unsustainable that it was essential to built more branches. In Cusano a mental hospital for 200 patients was built, while in San Colombano al Lambro an existing structure, owned by the Fatebenefratelli, was transformed into a psychiatric hospital, which was also able to accommodate 200 patients. A few years later, between 1898 and 1900, other pavilions were built in Mombello, which could accommodate 250 internees. Overcrowding continued however to grow at an alarming rate: in 1911 the internees were 2,000 and, after the First World War, in 1918 the number of people admitted increased to 3,504.