The External Façade of the Architectural Complex

The villa and gardens are set along the main axis of symmetry oriented toward the cardinal points of the north and south, growing to a length of about 300 meters. This system begins with the building which today looks out to the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, and is characterized by a high front door, surmounted by a stone coat of arms referring to the Arese and Borromeo families, owners of the Villa and united in matrimony in 1652.

Surrounded by rich swirls, the heraldic shield which has a checkerboard pattern, and a crowned eagle and wings, refers to the Litta family, while the famous motif of a snake intent on eating a child, refers to the Visconti family.
The entrance structure on two floors is fairly linear, without decorations, and with only an opening of a double row of rectangular windows and the door in the centre. This leads to the Courtyard of Honour, and right opposite is a niche containing a statue of a Roman emperor in stucco surmounting a “fountain” in stone.