Through History and Water

The trail we suggest tells the history of Lainate, starting in the fifteenth century, and reveals a special bond that linked Lainate (Ledenate in medieval times) to the Borromeo family and the Villoresi Canal over the centuries.
A circular trail will take you on a journey of rediscovery through the splendid interiors of the Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta, the historic centre of Lainate and its rural outskirts. You will see modern spaces that contrast with churches and ancient monuments, allowing you to discover an unexpected side to Lainate.
If you don’t have a bicycle you can park your car near Villa Litta and hire one there.


NOTES: TAKE CARE! The return journey to Lainate takes place along a beautiful cycle path on the Lura river, just before the Alfaromeo Museum and arrives all the way to the Villoresi Canal in the Rosa Camuna Park. At the moment there is on going building work and the cycle path is not entirely accessible. Please take care.