The Old Parish Church of Santo Stefano

The main body is made up of an apse area, the peripheral sacristies and extensive frescoed sections, like the side chapels and the vault. The area overlooking the square is the result of extension works carried out in the nineteenth century when two more aisles were added.


The vault was decorated with frescoes by Tagliaferro in the nineteenth century, whilst the apse, the peripheral sacristies and the side chapels were decorated by the Montalto workshop in the seventeenth century.
Special attention should be paid to the bell tower whose base, made with suspended small arches, was built with timber and travertine.
The Old Parish Church of Santo Stefano was deconsecrated during the fascist period and it was only in recent years that it was restored and converted into a multifunctional building. It hosts an auditorium for cultural events dedicated to Paolo and Davide DisarĂ² (two brothers who died in 1985 in the Val di Stava tragedy) and it offers exhibition space and meeting places for different social initiatives and cultural associations.