Noble Trail

The trail we suggest joins Milan to Brianza, which lies to the north of the city. The uniquely beautiful Ville Gentilizie, villa’s of the nobility, are the common theme of this trail, which is designed to rediscover a forgotten part of our history. The presence of these ville gentilizie, which are the historical heritage and identity of this area, will take you on a journey of discovery to a landscape that, in these fast-moving times, is often hidden from view.

The trail is divided into three stages which are accessible by train and you can follow each stage by bicycle. You will get to know the area around Brianza, which comprises two main types of landscape: the “infinite city”, most famous for its intense industrial and urban development, and the green and pleasant Brianza area, filled with villas, historical and artistic treasures and parks that continue to survive despite continuous human activity.

NOTES: TAKE CARE! There is still building work being carried out on some cycle paths next to the EXPO area. We recommend you use the Bollate Nord train station as your starting point.