ISAL – The Institute for Lombard History of Art

Since it was founded, ISAL has always been active in its systematic and coordinated research of Lombard art. Its purpose is to promote the production of figurative and architectural Lombard art, in its broadest territorial and cultural role in the evolution of western artistic knowledge.

ISAL became a not-for-profit organisation in 1999 and has always been committed to promoting the study of Lombard art history through: research in Italy and abroad, in collaboration with universities and research centres; the training of teaching staff; the organisation of cultural events, international conferences and promotion and awareness-raising initiatives (for example by granting study grants and prizes, promoting restoration, competitions and photographic exhibitions etc.); the writing and publishing of institutional periodicals that are distributed in all Italian and foreign universities where Italian art is studied, as well as in organisations that work towards safeguarding Italian artistic and architectural heritage (e.g. authorities, regional institutes etc.)
Having become a point of reference for research into Lombard art in Italy and abroad, ISAL has established and made available a wealth of knowledge to an ever-expanding public, which has grown constantly over the years thanks to generous donations from eminent scholars. Nowadays with a collection of over 100,000 books, a photo library of over 400,000 images and a historical archive that was declared to be of national interest by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in 1994, ISAL is certified as one of the most important organisations amongst institutes specialising in the history of art and architecture.
In order to better cater to today’s needs, ISAL has recently organised itself into three departments: the Department for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage; the Department of Visual Arts and the Department of History and Artistic Techniques. Each department has directors who work with management to realise the Institute’s mission.