Caloggio WWF Oasis

The Oasis is part of the southern stretch of the Groane Park. The area covers approximately 7 hectares and is crossed by the Nirone River, a secondary branch of the Villoresi, whose waters are some of the cleanest in the area.
The vegetation along the banks of the canal is unique: alders, willows, guelder rose and common dogwood. The central part of the Oasis is characterised by the reforestation of oak trees, hornbeams and elms.
In this area that is so rich in insect life and the seeds of wild herbs, many types of birds come to feed: sparrows, goldfinches, greenfinches, swallows, redstarts, flycatchers, shrikes, lesser spotted woodpeckers and tits. The Oasis is also home to pheasants, rabbits, hedgehogs, weasels and other mammals.

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